Originally published as an opinion piece in Business Standard and PreventionWeb in October 2018

Urban planning must take center stage to move from a ‘prohibitory’ towards a more ‘regulated’ form of growth.

The coverage of disasters in the media commences with the surge of the disaster, moving on to despair…

Originally published in the LEAP Journal in September 2018: https://blog.theleapjournal.org/2018/12/an-incomplete-guideline-enabling-indias.html

Health facilities offer the first line of response in any disaster. Damage to hospitals impedes long-term recovery of victims. The recent floods in Kerala highlighted the frailty of health systems. The flood damaged a 125-year-old hospital that serves 3.5 lakh…

Expanded from the original Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/SupriyaArKr09/status/1433531994055479298?s=20

The human ability to articulate our thoughts verbally has allowed us to develop a rich knowledge repository of experiences. …

An overview of open data roadblocks in resilient development for India

In the Union Budget of 2018, investments in infrastructure received a strong thrust with the Hon. Finance Minister allocating USD 14.5 billion on infrastructure. A notably special allocation was made towards kick-starting a Coalition on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure for…

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